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Thinking About World Peace, Ethics & International Affairs

Ethics and War in a Globalized World, in Comparative Just War Theory

The Responsibility to Protect at 15: A  Promise Unfulfilled, Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Commentary, 21 September

How Much Peace in Enough? A Reflection on Richard Caplan's Measuring Peace, Ethnopolitics

The Responsibility to Protect and the Ethics of Humanitarianism, in Routledge Handbook to Rethinking Ethics in International Relations

Negotiating the Responsibility to Protect in the UN System, in Group Politics in UN Multilateralism

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Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention, Palgrave, 2018, with Stephen Mcloughlin

Holding Back the Tide: Genocide Prevention in Our More Violent World, Genocide Studies & Prevention, 2018

Women, Peace and Security and the Responsibility to Protect, The Oxford Handbook on Women, Peace and Security, with Sara E. Davies

Ending Atrocity Crimes: The False Promise of Fatalism, Ethics & International Affairs, 2018

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The UN Security Council and the Problem of Mass Atrocities: Towards a Grand Bargain, in Global Insecurity, 2017 

Protecting People, e-International Relations, 5 January, 2017

Archive: About
Archive: About
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